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Based in Crediton, Devon, our Web Design and Hosting Team provide High Quality Complete Web Presence Solutions at Affordable Prices



LOMAS Web are a family business who are based in Crediton, Near Exeter, in Devon. Web Design, is only the start of our service. LOMAS Web specialise in helping you develop more than just a Website.
Instead, we aim to help to you build an entire web presence for your organisation.

This includes not only the Design of the website, but also the Hosting, the domain management, the security, social media integration, emails, and much more, so as to provide a complete service to you.

We aim to take over all the hassle as well as the issues involved with building, running, and then maintaining a website away from you. This then leaves you to focus on your organisation, knowing the Website is taken care of for you.

The founder of LOMAS Web has grown up in Devon, and has worked in various aspects of the I.T. industry as well as customer services and has a very strong customer focused ethos. Therefore this Ethos has become a core part of how we provide the services we offer.
This ensures you get the best solution for your business in an affordable and professional way, whilst keeping the process as simple and as easy as possible for you.
You can read more about this here: Our Ethos

LOMAS WEB: Responsive Web Designs

Our Services:
More than just Web Design

We provide a full range of services which allow us to provide complete web solutions to our clients. As a result, this leaves you with one central point of contact for all aspects of your web presence.

This includes:

Web Design - Premium Web Hosting - Domain Management - Social Media Integration - Appointment Booking Systems - E-Commerce - and more...

You can choose as many or as few of these options as required for your organisations needs.

For full details on all of our services please see here: Services

LOMAS WEB: Our Services

Cost & Pricing:

One of our core goals at LOMAS Web is to make high quality, secure, websites available to as many parties as possible.
Consequently, as a result of this, all of our packages are billed in affordable on going payments, providing a subscribed service, including ongoing regular maintenance, updates, and full support.
We feel this provides a better end product for our clients, in contrast to the more common method of paying an upfront fee, with limited support after.

For more in depth details please see here: Pricing

Contact Us

If you would be interested in using any or all of our services please get in touch with us.

We can be contacted by Phone and Email. Additionally, we can also arrange to meet in person in Crediton or in our immediate local area, such as Exeter and Tiverton.

You can get full contact details here: Contact