Our Customer Focused Ethos:

LOMAS Web was founded based on our strong customer focused ethos.
Our founder has spent over a decade in various aspects of IT, many of which involved working with many businesses and we always heard the same complaints when it came to their company websites:

COST: A decent website costs too much, often over a thousand.
PERFORMANCE: Website were often slow to load or rendered poorly on mobile devices
UPDATES & SUPPORT: It costs more to update the website, or they don't know how to update it themselves.
COMPLICATED: To many different costs at different times they didn't understand, Hosting? Domain Renewals? Mail Hosting? DNS Records?

Our intention is too make the whole process of not only getting a website, but maintaining a website long term, as simple and as affordable for our clients.


We operate in a different method from many other designers. We develop an agreed specification for the site with our clients, inclusive of as many services as required. The Website, The Hosting, The Domain Management, Emails if required, etc. Then there is no large up front fee, it is all billed on a monthly subscription.


Many websites are Hosted on public shared servers on "Cheap" basic packages. Some Public Web Host servers will have hundreds of website running off them. The quality of the hardware on the cheaper packages also doesn't aid performance.
We have our own private servers which are of high specification. We limit our contention ratios, and never put more than 30 sites on one server. All our servers use Solid State disks which are both faster and more reliable than more traditional hard drives.


As we offer our service a subscription, we provide on going support for your website, rather than the more traditional methods of building a site and handing it all over.
All our websites have regular security updates to ensure they are all safe and secure. We offer regular content updates to your website included with the subscription.
Each website gets backed up daily, another feature which many packages don't include. This ensures total peace of mind that your website will always be secure for you.


There are many aspects to Web Design, Hosting, and Domain Management. We can't expect everyone to understand the various items, MX Records, SPF Records, SSL Certificates, DKIM, etc.
We offer to keep this as simple as possible, whilst subscribed to our service we will manage it all for you. Ensuring all is as it should be, leaving you to focus on the rest of your business.