LOMAS WEB: Our Services:

Web Design, Premium Web Hosting, Domain Management, and Much more...

We strive to provide you with the highest standard of service.
We offer a full range of services and solutions, therefore allowing us to be your "One Stop" shop, for all your Web presence needs.


Web Design:

Full responsive websites tailored to your needs.


We can design a website suited to your needs & requirements.
We can do this using graphics, artwork and content you provide, or we can design and write the content for you.

We design our websites with a responsive format that renders well across all devices, regardless of their screen size, resolution, or aspect ratio.
We can design and develop sites to the more traditional boxed layout, or the newer more common "stretched/fill" design (like this one).

With us, we will not only design your site to suit multiple platforms, but also ensure they are clear, readable, and easy to use.

All our websites include an SSL certificate, to ensure they are payment ready, should you wish to add e-commerce/take payments to your website as well as ensuring you don't get flagged as "Not-Secure" on modern browsers.

We will host your site on our secure hosting package. Additional each website will be given an additional security package that runs in the background with daily updates, which will ensure your site remains secure and safe from hackers.

In addition our subscription entitles you to reasonable monthly content updates with our sites. If you want a new picture, article, promotion added to your site, or a change to the wording on an existing page, this can be including in your monthly update request and we'll get this changed for you. Helping to ensure your site remains current with your needs.

Responsive & Secure Websites


Premium Web Hosting:

High Standard, Fast, and Secure Web Hosting.


At LOMAS Web we are very particular about our Hosting. The vast majority of websites are stored on "Cheap" publicly shared servers with a range of different hardware.
This helps keep Hosting costs down for many, but often at a significant sacrifice in service.
The person who is designing the site has no control over the servers, there are often hundreds of websites all running off the same server. This can result in poor performance of your website, due to bad contention ratios with other sites on there. Often these can be using traditional mechanical hard drives, which are slower and more prone to failure. If your website is on a server such as this it can run slow, and in modern times, a website that is slow to load doesn't retain a lot of visitors.

Here are LOMAS Web we have purchased a private server in a UK Datacenter, with dedicated resources that we are in control of.
We only use Solid State Drives in our servers, which are not only more reliable, but due to the fact they have no moving parts and use flash memory, they are in some cases as much as six times faster than traditional hard drives.
Faster Read times on the disk, means faster load times on the website.

Additionally, to reduce the risk of contention issues between other sites, even though our private server could potentially handle hundreds of sites, we cap the limit at 30 websites per server. To ensure the maximum performance for our customers.

We apply daily checks for security patches and updates on our server, to  ensure they are safe and secure from malicious threats.

Every website on our servers also gets backed up daily, as standard.

All of this ensuring your website is on a high performance,  safe, reliable server allowing it be function at it's very best.

Premium High Quality Hosting Solutions


Full Domain Management:

Managed Renewals, DNS Records, Security Protocols.


As part of our service, we will take over the management of your web domain(s) for you.
This is something that many consider unnecessary hassle for businesses who don't have someone in the know to managing this for them.

Firstly, you won't have to worry about the domain renewal. We'll factor this into our billing and them take over the renewal process for you. This will ensure your domain is renewed and doesn't expire.

Secondly, if you previously managed your domain yourself you won't need to worry about making the relevant changes to any of your DNS records.
Many people do not understand the in depth areas of DNS Records, the A records, CNAME records, TXT, MX, SPF, etc.

Our founder in additional to many years working with websites, has also worked for an email service provider, and as such knows the aspects of domain management in this area also. This allows LOMAS Web to confidently not only manage the website, but all aspects of your web domain when required.

Full Domain Management


Email Hosting Solutions:

Basic Email, Full Exchange, Office 365, Webmail, etc


In addition to providing your website, we can also provide your emails too.

There are a range of options available with this. With the website we can provide a basic form of IMAP emails with the website.

This comes with a secure webmail interface you can access via the your website.

It can also be configured to work with a mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

If you needed something more powerful, we have access to set up and manage a Hosted Exchange accounts for you or we can set up and manage your Office 365 subscription for you if required.

These come with the added benefits of attached calendars, out of office replies, and in the case of Office 365, potentially your Office suite too.

Email Hosting


Additional Services & Features:

Social Media Integration, Appointment Booking Systems, E-Commerce.


We like to be able to help you develop your entire web presence, as such we offer a range of additional services.

Social Media Integration: We can, with sufficient access, integrate aspects of your social media directly into your website. This can include items such as Google or Facebook Reviews. Twitter/Instagram Feeds. "Follow" links.
We can also help you with social media management and can help you get set up with Social Media management tools, these are Social Media Management (SMM) interfaces that allow cross posting over various platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. As well as features such as post scheduling, meaning you can spend less time manually posting updates and leave your SMM to do a lot of the work for you.

Appointment/Booking systems: Depending on your needs, we can set up a booking system for you, or potentially integrate one you already have (depending on the system).
These systems vary, but can potentially, depending on your requirement include items such as Text Reminders and email reminders for your clients. These are very popular with places such as Hairdressers, Mechanics, Tutors, etc.
Some of these can also be integrated with both Facebook, and Google,  which will allow your customers to book your services directly from either.
We will also provide training on the booking system, so you are ready to use it to aid your business.

Mailing Lists/Mailshots: This is another service that we can set up with you. If you'd like to send regular newsletters to your customers we can assist in setting this up for you.

E-Commerce/Payments: If you require E-Commerce/Payments to be taken via your website we can arrange and assist in the set up of this also. All our website come with a SSL Certificate so they are payment ready.
The E-Commerce package we use also has a mobile app available which is useful for keeping an eye on your Sales as and when they come in.

Social Media Integration: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter, & more.

Appointment Booking Systems

E-Commerce Solutions